Abshan Natural Honey) Natural Honey 1000 Gram Cans

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Health Benefits
Effective in the treatment of prostate and bladder inflammation
Removal of urinary stones
Enhance sexual ability
Treatment and reduction of joint pains
Treatment of gastrointestinal ulcers
Increase body immunity


About Product
Natural honey is one of the most delicious and fragrant honeys, which is obtained naturally from bee feeding on the plants and vegetation and the plains around it.
This honey is mainly prepared from wild mountain plants that grow naturally on the slopes of the mountains and surrounding plains. This honey has a warm character and is suitable for most people.
Due to the suitable vegetation and mountainous area of Taleghan, which is a part of the Alborz mountains, Mehran Avisheh company has started to produce natural honey of 40 herbs and has been able to attract the opinion of many customers to this product.
This honey is available in 1000 grams packaging.

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    tell me its is nice honey

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